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Planet X Live In Towson MD May 27th 2001 at the Recher Theatre.

    I had the chance to catch Planet X on their recent east coast tour in Towson MD, It was a 6 hour drive for me but well worth it. The show was amazing they played the following songs: 

Inside Black
Apocalypse 1470 BC
Sea of Antiquity
Lost Island
New MacAlpine Song: I-SIS
Her Animal
Dog boots
Pods of Trance

    The set list was great and it was a real treat to hear the new MacAlpine song I-SIS from his upcoming CD CHROMATICITY. It was a very melodic song. Everyone's playing was right on that night. The band seemed like they were having a great time playing. There were around 200 people there I would say. After the show I had a chance to meet Tony, Derek and Dave I met Virgil before the show.  Tony remembered me from the Buffalo show and from the web site. I gave him a copy of his Unreleased Demos from 1989 that I obtained through my good friend Derryl Gabel. I hope Tony will release them as I am sure all of his fans would buy them, If not through shrapnel perhaps on his web site as merchandise.  I think he found the artwork I made up very interesting! I asked Tony a little bit about his new CD he said its not really like anything he has done in the past, but he said it is heavy! I asked him if he will have a Chopin piece on there and he said of course! why break the tradition! :-)  I will be seeing Tony with the CAB project on June 24th and 25th That should be great as well!!   

Here are some of the photos I took at the show. I think Tony got a kick out my friend Chuck who drank to much and was having a real hard time with the camera, He said "Who's the Sharpie behind the camera right before he took the picture". LOL :-)