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Here is a review of the Planet X Show I saw on Thursday November 8th 2000, at Classic Rocks in Buffalo NY, the club where they played was right near the Walden galleria mall, and was very easy to find, even if I made a few wrong turns in the process :).  Once we found the club everything was great, the people at the club were great.  I got there a bit late about 9:30 PM, but as it turns out planet x didn't hit the stage until about 1:00 AM it must have been. Before the show there was Planet X's sound crew setting up the stage and later perhaps 12:00 AM they arrived they just walked up through the club Derek, Virgil and Dave came through first I asked Derek if it was ok if I filmed it with my video camera he said no problem! (sorry can't trade or sell it) Then I looked back and there was Tony coming along with his 7-string Carvin guitar.  He had to set up some of his stuff but once he was done I proceeded to introduce myself, he actually knew my name! I talked with him briefly and got him to sign Maximum Security and Edge of insanity album covers and the eyes of the world promo photos I had, he signed it no problem.  Then they hit the stage and they played some really great tunes, like Inside Black, War Finger, Atlantis, plus many more.  I had a really good seat I was at a table right in front with no one in front of me. Tony played a great solo section with Derek and him trading solos back in forth it was really impressive! Then later they took a break while Virgil played a drum solo I walked up to Derek and Tony told how much I liked their playing! I talked to Tony a while longer before he went back on he was a really cool!  Then the band played some more songs and they ended the show. Then I got to talk with Tony for quite a while after the show, he said he really liked my site and wants me to get involved with his official site.. He also said he wants me to send him a copy of the show I taped I said no problem, I also got a photo of Tony and I together that ill put up on the site as well as some live shots. I talked with Tony about all the projects he has done in the past, he was a really cool down to earth guy, no big ego just a great person!  I had a great time!