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Magazine Advertisements

Edge Of Insanity Ad 1986

Edge Of Insanity Ad 1986

Shrapnel Records Ad 1986

B.C. Rich Ad 1987

B.C. Rich Profile 1987

Dimarzio Pickup Ad 1988

Guitar For The Practicing Musician Ad 1988

Peavey Amp Ad 1990

Peavey Amp Ad 1990 (signed)

Mason Bernard Guitar Ad 1990

Seymour Duncan Pickup Ad 1992

Dean Markley String Ad 1993

Hughes Keltner Amp Ad 1993

Baldwin Piano Ad 1996

Hughes Keltner Amp Ad 1995

B.C. Rich Guitar Magazine Ad 1995

Live Insanity Ad 1997

Master Of Paradise Ad 1999

Carvin Guitars Ad 2001